Michael Sanders and the Destiny of the Qori – now available

Michael Sanders and the Destiny of the Qori, the rewritten, longer version of my original novel is now available for Kindle or paperback.

I was never happy with the arch of the first version of the book. I left it alone for years, but eventually I felt like the book needed a sequel. As I started working out the details I decided to just add to the original story. The first half of the book is about the same, with just a few edits and changes. The second half is all new, adding to the story of Michael being chosen to yield the Illia, the coins that give him power to travel through time and space. I added more characters and a big, bad antagonist, something the first book didn’t really have.

This is a YA novel for ages 9+. I tried to keep it interesting enough that anyone young at heart will enjoy reading it.

I hope you’ll check out the new version of the Michael Sanders story. It’s a great read for kids or the young at heart.





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Looking for a new title

About 2 years ago I posted about rewriting my book and making it much longer. I’ve recently finished the first draft and am working through the laborious task of editing. It’s possible I could be ready for a re-release by the end of the year. I’ve decided I want to retitle the book too. The Qori, The Illia, and Michael Sanders is a little too long for good SEO and stuff. I’d like to come up with something a little easier to rattle off when someone ask, “Hey, what is that book you’re reading?” If anyone who has read the book has any ideas I’d love to hear them.

I’ll be getting a new cover too, actually hiring an artist. I’m very excited for that step.



And, if you want to read the book as it is released right now, here’s a link.

I’m looking forward to your suggestions.




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Barn Construction Time Lapse Video

I’m excited for the new barn. That’s an understatement, really.

To help pass the waiting I used my old laptop and set up a camera to create a time lapse video of the construction process. It’s not perfect but I learned some things in the process and I’m fairly happy with how it turned out.

Here’s the video:

This is a pretty low-effort video. I didn’t add any intro our outro. I didn’t work very hard on the music. I mostly just wanted to get it posted. I’m feeling a little impatient, with the whole thing. And it’s Friday.

The barn isn’t 100% done yet either. The concrete floor will be done sometime next week or later. Then I still need to wire lighting and stuff like that. Not to mention rebuilding my collection of tools.

I want to thank Kevin Merrill from K & R Construction. His team did a great job and Kevin answered all my questions as the build progressed.



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New Barn in Progress

A few people have asked about how the new barn build is going so here’s some pictures. These were taken early last week. The roof is now complete, windows are in, and some of the trim is in place. The siding and concrete are the two major components left.

Though smaller than the lost barn, this space will be much more comfortable, well lit, and usable.

I’ll post more pictures when the new barn is completed.

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Hawaii Trip 2017

I had grand ideas for creating a whole wonderful travel blog. That takes more time than I have right now so here’s a bunch of pictures, mostly in chronological order.

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Spring Break 2017 Trip to Idaho and Utah

We were in Idaho and Utah recently. Here are some of the pictures.

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Barn Fire Cleanup – An Update

So the barn fire destroyed pretty much everything. I found a few tools that I’ll save for sentimental reasons, my good hammer mainly. I also found lots of stuff that is recognizable but not really salvageable. I should have taken more pictures of that stuff.

I do have some pictures of the aftermath and cleanup though.

2017-02-18 08.27.39

This first picture is from a couple days after the fire. I hadn’t published it before and it shows the barn destruction in all its glory.

2017-03-13 17.43.03

This picture shows the cleanup after the first day. The piles of rubble are scrap metal that the company hauled away later.

2017-03-13 17.45.10

Here’s another angle after the first day cleanup.

2017-03-14 16.34.37

This last picture shows the site on the second day of cleaning. All that’s left is rocks and dirt.

The cleanup effort will include some new fill and eventually grass. We’ll get around to rebuilding later but maybe not in the same location.

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Please, Let’s Get Rid of Daylight Savings

I really don’t care if it’s standard time or daylight savings adjusted time or a whole new 14 hour cycle, I just want to be rid of the add-an-hour, lose-an-hour mess. It hurts.

Personally, I feel the lost hour. It hits me like a mild cold. I feel drowsy, and my eyes hurt. I also didn’t sleep well last night which I also attribute to the time change.

My kids feel it too. Maybe they don’t know it but they are grumpy. Every year they are grumpy for at least a week. Kids can’t change their bedtimes based on the clock. They don’t know how to tell time. We have to change their bedtimes to match what their bodies are used to. Every Spring we move their bedtimes from 7 to 8 pm then slowly start working them back to around 7:30. Then in the Fall we go the other way.

It’s a real pain. And honestly, it cuts into our evening time too. As parents we need that time after the kids are in bed for ourselves. When the kids go to bed later, we also go to bed later. That makes for less sleep overall. It’s a terrible cycle and it needs to end. Let’s get rid of daylight savings time.

Rant over.

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My Crappy Weekend :-(

On Friday January 17, 2017 my century old barn and workshop burned to the ground. This is what I came home to.

Nobody was hurt, that’s the important thing. Still, I’ve been sick with stress and worry ever since I got the call that “our barn is on fire.” I was 10 minutes away on my way home and arrived to a dark plume of smoke. The fire department wasn’t even there yet but they had been called. There was nothing they could have done. Even by the time I got there it was obvious that the whole interior of the barn was aflame. I think the pictures below tell the story fine from here.

The inspector couldn’t determine a sure cause and said he’ll report it as undetermined. We’re still waiting to hear back from the insurance company.


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An Update on My Writing

I’m writing. I swear. It’s slow going, maybe a hundred or two hundred words per week. Three hundred if I’m really on a roll. The point is it’s happening. I’m writing part two of The Qori, The Illia and Michael Sanders.

Originally, I thought I’d write a sequel. I knew there was more story there but ultimately I decided that the first book just wasn’t done. So whenever I get around to finishing this project it will be a re-release of The Qori, The Illia and Michael Sanders, only with two parts and hopefully almost twice as long.

Did I mention that it’s going very slow. My best guess right now is that I’ll finished and release the new version around 2019. Of course, I’d like to have it out sooner than that. I just find it difficult to make the time. Also, I’m procrastinating, writing posts like this that no one will ever read. OK, back to work.

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