Barn Construction Time Lapse Video

I’m excited for the new barn. That’s an understatement, really.

To help pass the waiting I used my old laptop and set up a camera to create a time lapse video of the construction process. It’s not perfect but I learned some things in the process and I’m fairly happy with how it turned out.

Here’s the video:

This is a pretty low-effort video. I didn’t add any intro our outro. I didn’t work very hard on the music. I mostly just wanted to get it posted. I’m feeling a little impatient, with the whole thing. And it’s Friday.

The barn isn’t 100% done yet either. The concrete floor will be done sometime next week or later. Then I still need to wire lighting and stuff like that. Not to mention rebuilding my collection of tools.

I want to thank Kevin Merrill from K & R Construction. His team did a great job and Kevin answered all my questions as the build progressed.



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