Michael Sanders and the Destiny of the Qori – now available

Michael Sanders and the Destiny of the Qori, the rewritten, longer version of my original novel is now available for Kindle or paperback.

I was never happy with the arch of the first version of the book. I left it alone for years, but eventually, I felt like the book needed a sequel. As I started working out the details I decided to just add to the original story. The first half of the book is about the same, with just a few edits and changes. The second half is all new, adding to the story of Michael being chosen to yield the Illia, the coins that give him the power to travel through time and space. I added more characters and a big, bad antagonist, something the first book didn’t really have.

This is a middle-grade novel for ages 9+. I tried to keep it interesting enough that anyone young at heart will enjoy reading it.

I hope you’ll check out the new version of the Michael Sanders story. It’s a great read for kids or the young at heart.



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