Disney+ and Me

So far, so good… after a bumpy start.

I pre-registered for Disney+ in the hopes of logging right in on the launch date and subjecting my children to hours of old cartoons from my childhood. Instead, I spent hours on hold trying to figure out why my account was locked. After 6 days I finally got through and was told they had some kind of sync error and I needed to create a new account. Problem solved.

We’ve had Disney+ now for almost a month and I’m surprised that we haven’t watched it more. The huge library of options from the Disney portfolio offers enough content to keep anyone busy for a lifetime. But who wants to watch old movies all the time? That’s my realization anyway. Yes, I could go back and watch movies from my childhood or (almost) all the Marvel movies, but I don’t want to. I’ve either already seen them, or I don’t feel compelled to watch them again. I have rewatched a few, like Captain America, the First Avenger just because I was a little sketchy of some of the details and I wanted to see what happened to Red Skull that made him a slave to the soul stone (spoiler, he touched the tesseract).

I expected my children to watch it more too. More often than not I find them watching the same stupid Minecraft YouTubers over and over.

We’re all loving The Mandalorian, and the little baby yoda-child puppet (it’s so cute!). It’s nice to have a show that we can all watch as a family.

So why did I write this? Because I’ve had lots of thoughts about Disney+ and writing this out helped me to realize that they are all worthless.

I wrote a book. It’s a middle-grade novel for kids who like adventure, time travel, and fart jokes (one fart joke). Maybe check it out. Thanks.

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