Please, Let’s Get Rid of Daylight Savings

I really don’t care if it’s standard time or daylight savings adjusted time or a whole new 14 hour cycle, I just want to be rid of the add-an-hour, lose-an-hour mess. It hurts.

Personally, I feel the lost hour. It hits me like a mild cold. I feel drowsy, and my eyes hurt. I also didn’t sleep well last night which I also attribute to the time change.

My kids feel it too. Maybe they don’t know it but they are grumpy. Every year they are grumpy for at least a week. Kids can’t change their bedtimes based on the clock. They don’t know how to tell time. We have to change their bedtimes to match what their bodies are used to. Every Spring we move their bedtimes from 7 to 8 pm then slowly start working them back to around 7:30. Then in the Fall we go the other way.

It’s a real pain. And honestly, it cuts into our evening time too. As parents we need that time after the kids are in bed for ourselves. When the kids go to bed later, we also go to bed later. That makes for less sleep overall. It’s a terrible cycle and it needs to end. Let’s get rid of daylight savings time.

Rant over.

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