Barn Fire Cleanup – An Update

So the barn fire destroyed pretty much everything. I found a few tools that I’ll save for sentimental reasons, my good hammer mainly. I also found lots of stuff that is recognizable but not really salvageable. I should have taken more pictures of that stuff.

I do have some pictures of the aftermath and cleanup though.

2017-02-18 08.27.39

This first picture is from a couple days after the fire. I hadn’t published it before and it shows the barn destruction in all its glory.

2017-03-13 17.43.03

This picture shows the cleanup after the first day. The piles of rubble are scrap metal that the company hauled away later.

2017-03-13 17.45.10

Here’s another angle after the first day cleanup.

2017-03-14 16.34.37

This last picture shows the site on the second day of cleaning. All that’s left is rocks and dirt.

The cleanup effort will include some new fill and eventually grass. We’ll get around to rebuilding later but maybe not in the same location.

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