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Originally published August, 2013:

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Local Father Hopes for More Book Sales

Today’s wavering economy leaves many of us looking for more but afraid to venture too far from what we know is safe. As the job market continues to struggle more and more people are searching for alternative incomes. Everything from starting their own businesses to freelance work to unique creative ventures, people are looking to improve their income despite these trying economic times.

One local father has his own idea of how to bridge the gap between his personal goals for life and what he has so far through his current employment. Donald Squire of New Era, Michigan has used what little free time he has to write a book that he hopes will open doors that he couldn’t access before.

When asked about his motivation Mr. Squire told us, “I’ve wanted to be a writer since middle school. For a long time I wrote short stories, then I didn’t write anything at all. Kids and work and life just got in the way. When I decided I wanted to start writing again my wife said I should write a book. She compared me to a documentary we had seen about Pixar making Toy Story instead of more short films. It’s the same process, just bigger.”

Mr. Squire says that writing the book during his lunch breaks from work took almost two years. During that time he welcomed his third child into the world. Recently his fourth child was born. “Being a dad takes priority and having four boys at home is a lot of work. My wife does a great job and I try to help any time I’m home. I’m trying to write another book now but its slow going. Marketing this book has also been difficult.”

We asked Mr. Squire if the book has made a difference yet. “So far it’s just something else I’m trying to juggle. I’m proud that I finished it but it’s just the tip of what I’m trying to accomplish. The book has been well received but it’s not taking off on its own. Finding time to try and market it beyond my Facebook friends is difficult.”

Mr. Squire’s first book titled The Qori, The Illia and Michael Sanders is available on Amazon in print and Kindle formats. “Search ‘Qori’ and you should find it pretty easily,” added Mr. Squire. “I wrote the book for middle school kids. That’s the age I started to love reading and writing. I actually had a couple of teachers at an elementary school read the book to their classes and it was very well received. I know I have at least those kids looking forward to the sequel.”

In addition to his Facebook efforts, Mr. Squire also has a blog,, where you can find links to his book, read other interviews and contact him. His twitter handle is @donaldsqu

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