An Update on My Writing

I’m writing. I swear. It’s slow going, maybe a hundred or two hundred words per week. Three hundred if I’m really on a roll. The point is it’s happening. I’m writing part two of The Qori, The Illia and Michael Sanders.

Originally, I thought I’d write a sequel. I knew there was more story there but ultimately I decided that the first book just wasn’t done. So whenever I get around to finishing this project it will be a re-release of The Qori, The Illia and Michael Sanders, only with two parts and hopefully almost twice as long.

Did I mention that it’s going very slow. My best guess right now is that I’ll finished and release the new version around 2019. Of course, I’d like to have it out sooner than that. I just find it difficult to make the time. Also, I’m procrastinating, writing posts like this that no one will ever read. OK, back to work.

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