Window Shrink Film Saves Me So Much Heat

I heat my home with cord wood. Wood is a very hands-on way to keep a home warm and I notice a big difference in wood consumption when the weather is colder or the wind is blowing. I even see a difference in how my home holds heat if the wind is coming from the east or the west (east is worst for my home, not 100% sure why).

This winter I took a few hours and installed indoor window shrink insulation to several of the older windows, the ones that I noticed more cold air moving through.

I could have done all the windows I needed to do with one of the packs pictured above. I messed up on a window though and needed to buy a second pack that I’ll use next year.

My home is a little over 2,000 sq ft. It’s an older home, 1950s or so. In the past I would have to fill my wood furnace twice a day minimum. If it was colder or very windy I would sometimes check the wood levels mid-day just to be safe.

This year, I’ve been able to fill the furnace just once a day. That has never happened before in the past, even on “warmer” winter days. Sealing my windows has made a tremendous difference to heating efforts. It’s an easy simple thing to do.

Someday I might think about new windows. For now though, I can buy a whole lot of window insulation for the cost of even one replacement window.

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