My Favorite Kids Books – 1

I read with my kids every night. It’s part of our bedtime routine and they love it. I do too, most of the time. Most of our books have come from school activities, playgroups or my sister, who is a librarian and much more familiar with the published works of popular writers than I am.

Most nights, every night really, my kids choose what books we are going to read. I try to steer them one way or another but it’s ultimately up to them. The real treats are when they choose a book that I love to read.

Orangutangled by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen is one of my favorites. It is goofy, and fun with just the right amount of made up words. Rhyme is never easy, in my opinion. I really wish I had a knack for it. Supidta does great though. Two orangutans just want a snack. Instead they go on a bit of an adventure, bringing along a yak and a boar and a tiger. The kids love it and so do I. I can’t recommend this book enough for anyone with kids.

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