Choosing a Kayak for 2017

One of the perks of my current job is getting to use lots of different types of kayaks. This has been the family activity we didn’t know we needed. Not only is it a fun way to be outside and active with family, it’s also a relatively low-cost activity that keeps on giving. A kayak is like an investment, one up-front expense that provides hours of fun for the whole family. (I know a kayak is an expense not an investment. There is no chance a kayak will increase in value. I should just rewrite the whole paragraph but I don’t want.)

71sgspmwlel-_sl1500_A family favorite has been the Camino, a sit-on style kayak from Sun Dolphin. This kayak, sized for kids or smaller adults is about 8 feet long. It is very stable and easy to paddle. When we’re out as a family my eight-year-old loves this kayak. All the kids use it as a floating platform too when we’re swimming. It’s easy to climb around on and jump off into the water.

My wife also likes the stand up paddleboards, or SUPs. Sun Dolphin offers the Ahala (I’m pretty sure that’s a made-up word), and the SeaQuest. Both are very stable, comfortable boards for beginning paddlers. The Ahala is a little more sporty and we honestly like this better than the SeaQuest, which is just a little slower on the water. Both make great beginner SUP boards though.

We’ve found several places nearby that make for fun daytrips or short family nights out.

Of course, don’t forget your personal flotation devices and know the rules of the water where ever you’re paddling.


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